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Solving THE Problem

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Solving THE Problem
By Disruptors Co • Issue #163 • View online
We often say, “Ideas are easy”. We do so, because ideas - at least at first - carry no weight. They can be floated and discarded as needed.
But a PROBLEM. Well that is heavy.
A problem is something you must deal with.
But experience tells us that not all problems are equal. The problem of my morning coffee (or lack thereof) pales into insignificance against the challenge of climate change. And yet, I would struggle to attempt climate change without coffee.
This flippant example reveals something important in the world of impact, problem solving, and business transformation. We can’t solve all the problems at the same time - they need to be prioritised. Broken down. Explained. For we cannot solve the pressing challenges of our times alone.
But when you are in the centre of a problem space, it can be difficult to see your way out. That’s where problem solving techniques and design thinking can deliver massive impact - helping you find your way through. This week, think about the problem you consider “worth” solving - not the idea you have for the problem, but the problem itself. Work it through. And let us know if you need help tackling it!

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