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It's Time to Innovate

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It's Time to Innovate
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In 2016 Joe Biden said Australia could become the innovation hub of the southern hemisphere. As the newest President of the United States, he is focusing on investing in innovation ‘to draw on the full talents and invest in the potential of all our communities and workers’. 
Taking a lead from the new President, how might we make Australia the innovation hub Joe Biden says it can be? At Disruptors, we believe that there are a number of things that you as an individual can do to grow your innovation mindset and therefore improve your business’s overall innovation capability. 
Before the year gets too busy, now is the time to expand your innovation skills set. Our Disruptors Academy has a number of short courses that you can complete in a matter of hours. Some of the longer courses may take a few days to complete. But all cover a range of topics that will help develop your mindset and skills. 
Start with the Digital Technologies and Innovation short course, move onto Digital Strategy for Beginners and then to Social Media Tools and Concepts. By the end of these courses, you will be able to have a well-rounded approach to innovation in 2021. 
Another way to develop Australia’s innovation market is to bring your ideas to life. Despite being stuck in quarantine and self-isolation, 2020 gave us many opportunities to ideate problems that would help address the significant challenges people were facing. Unfortunately, 2021 hasn’t given the world a clean slate and these problems are still impacting millions of people around the world. So why not put those ideas into action? The Disruptors Canvas helps you transition this idea into a business plan on a page and moves you a step closer to bringing these ideas to life. 
The Disruptors team is also always here to support you - so feel free to reach out so we can work together to make Australia the innovation hub of the southern hemisphere. 

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