Improving innovation in government and career opportunities for women



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Improving innovation in government and career opportunities for women
By Disruptors Co • Issue #175 • View online
The election campaign may be in full swing but Disruptors Co is focused on what we can do, improving innovation in government, and improving career opportunities for women.
At the end of last year, we were awarded a position on the CSIRO panel, as a preferred supplier, of innovation facilitation services. And, this week we’re delighted to kick start our first project with CSIRO.
We won’t just be working with CSIRO though, as the panel position means we can also provide innovation services to other government agencies and be a supplier through CSIRO. So, if you’re in the government setting, you can now bring us in to help with your capability building and innovation needs. Find out what we can do for innovation in government.
We are also pleased as punch and proud to share that we have won one of the National Career Institute’s grants on career pathways and career information for women. We are listed in the announcement as Heaton Communications Pty Ltd but it’s still us - we promise!
Our project is called C2 - Create and Collaborate: Careers for Women. We’re working with UTS and RMIT in delivering programs for university students and engaging with tech companies at a series of events (May to Sept) to create pathways for women into traditionally male-dominated firms. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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