Hybrid working is in all our futures



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Hybrid working is in all our futures
By Disruptors Co • Issue #161 • View online
Google Trends can be an informative and useful way to identify changes in the way that we live and work. For example, a search on the term “hybrid workplace” shows that the term was unheard of before April 2020 - but is now receiving regular, sustained attention, especially in India and the United States.
What can we take from this snippet of insight?
When we think through insights, we can apply an innovation assessment lens - is it:
Credible - this is usually a sense of expertise and authenticity. Applying the “wisdom of crowds” in the case of trending topics would suggest that “yes”, this is a credible and growing trend
Feasible - how feasible is hybrid work? Well, thanks to Covid, we have moved well beyond the “feasible” stage to “necessary”.
Viable - Can it be done longer term? There is no doubt that business systems and practices will need to change to accommodate hybrid working. This will require substantial change management around mindset and practices, but this is not a “blocker”.
X-Factor - What is interesting with this trend, is the way it is already starting to impact talent acquisition. Flexible or hybrid working options are becoming a must-have when it comes to attracting talent. And that’s an X-Factor we have not previously considered in depth.
What else are you seeing? What impacts are you experiencing in your “ways of working”? We’d love to hear from you.

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