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Going digital - creating software that works the way we want it to

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Going digital - creating software that works the way we want it to
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Often when we implement new “ways of working”, we are required to adapt an existing practice to a new format. We perform due diligence, map gaps between existing and new practices - and seek to fill those gaps with training, support and change management. And we rollout technology.
One of the reasons that so much effort needs to go into these transformations is that technology is designed for scale. Often it is written for a specific task and then applied more broadly. Just think of the way that CRM has become a lot more than just “customer relationship management” software. Or how Microsoft Word is more than a digital typewriter.
As software grows beyond its original focus, it becomes more complex to create, maintain and implement. And as we find more value in the software we find ourselves changing the way we work (and even what we value as work).
But what if software was more fit for purpose. What if we could create software that works the way we want to, not the way we have to?
Increasingly, low code or no code software is allowing us to do just that. We can quickly create MVPs and working prototypes that deliver the kind of business value we only once dreamed of.
And business innovators are taking note. Get ready for faster, more human digital transformation.

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