Disruptors Co - the Four Roadblocks to Innovation



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Disruptors Co
Disruptors Co - the Four Roadblocks to Innovation
By Disruptors Co • Issue #169 • View online
Over the years we have discovered that when it comes to innovation, there are four road blocks:
  1. Permission - Most of us feel that we are not “allowed” to innovate … that innovation in all of its forms happens somewhere else (and often by a chosen, specifically skilled team)
  2. Resources - If we can overcome the issue of permission, our attention turns to resources. What is available to us? Are there servers and technologies available? Can we request the time and expertise of our colleagues?
  3. Budget - If somehow, we can beg, borrow or steal the resources to help us innovate, is there a budget? What if we need to pay for something - like a space, a skill or some software?
  4. How - Once we have permission, resources and even a limited budget. “how” do we innovate? What is the playbook? What are the parameters? And who can help?
Solving these four roadblocks is at the heart of all of the Disruptors Co projects. Our mission is, and remains, to help you unlock innovation for changing times. And with this in mind, we’ve been working to simplify and focus our website.
Now you will see clear direction around:
  • What we do
  • How we do it
  • What we’ve made
  • What we think
  • Who we are
So when you’re ready to design ways to make your big ideas real, grow new mindsets and create meaningful change, contact us!

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