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Branding in an Time of Disruption

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Branding in an Time of Disruption
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Branding of businesses, products and services is one of the most powerful investments you can make. By branding your business you are able to extend “what you are known for” beyond your founding team, CEO or leadership, into areas such as reputation, customer experience and trust.
But building a brand is no simple matter. Firstly, you need to get all the brand ideas out of your head, sort them, prioritise them and then verbalise them. The ideas need to be tangible. Credible. Demonstrable.
And then your team - or your company - need to agree to them.
There needs to be customer stories. Visual identity. Web content and collateral.
When we created our Brand Physics workshops, we did so as part of our “Brand Sprint” process. We wanted to bring some of the energy, rapid prototyping and excitement of the Design Sprint into the branding work we were doing for customers and startups.
And as the pandemic has worn on, this rapid branding process has become a vital step in helping our customers maintain brand relevance. It may result in new employee offerings or engagement programs, product tweaks and innovations, or a revision to business storytelling.
The question we all need to ask ourselves, is “Are we the same business we were before Covid?”. For many of us, the world has changed, and so have we. It’s time for reinvention.

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