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Helping you unlock innovation for changing times.

Helping you unlock innovation for changing times.

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Disruptors Co - 2021: Our Year in Review

To say 2021 was a whirlwind is an understatement. We were fortunate that for the first few months we were able to run in-person events for clients, and even got to catch up as a team for the first time in almost a year. This quickly changed however, and we fo…


It's time for a mindSHIFT

As we speed towards the end of 2021, and begin to wrap up yet another turbulent year, here at Disruptors Co we’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how business can capitalise on the many challenges and opportunities presented. Heading back to the office in …


Disruptors Co - the Four Roadblocks to Innovation

Over the years we have discovered that when it comes to innovation, there are four road blocks:Permission - Most of us feel that we are not "allowed" to innovate ... that innovation in all of its forms happens somewhere else (and often by a chosen, specifical…


Mental Health Month

October is Mental Health Month and given the year we’ve had, we believe that this year it is more important than ever to take some time to reflect on and look after your mental health. In NSW, we have spent the last four months in lockdown, away from friends …


Issue #167 - Employee Engagement is the New Black

In a year as disruptive as 2021, it’s important for businesses to ensure that they are prioritising employee engagement, both while working from home and when planning to return to the office. But how might we co-create a new way of working that generates the…


Share Your Ideas for a Mentally Healthy Workplace

The NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is opening its third and final round of funding for Recovery Boost in July 2021.This time around for the Recovery Boost grant program, SIRA is offering a new way to get involved to access a $50,000 grant.We …


The Future VOW - Values, organisational strategy and wellbeing

As we recalibrate towards a "new normal", it is becoming abundantly clear that the new normal will be anything but normal.With this in mind, we have identified three key trends that business and organisational leaders should consider - what we call the "Futur…


Branding in an Time of Disruption

An on-demand webinar on building brand voice. The best thing about recorded webinars, is you can take them at any time.


Solving THE Problem

We often say, "Ideas are easy". We do so, because ideas - at least at first - carry no weight. They can be floated and discarded as needed.But a PROBLEM. Well that is heavy. A problem is something you must deal with.But experience tells us that not all proble…


Going digital - creating software that works the way we want it to

Often when we implement new "ways of working", we are required to adapt an existing practice to a new format. We perform due diligence, map gaps between existing and new practices - and seek to fill those gaps with training, support and change management. And…


Hybrid working is in all our futures

Google Trends can be an informative and useful way to identify changes in the way that we live and work. For example, a search on the term "hybrid workplace" shows that the term was unheard of before April 2020 - but is now receiving regular, sustained attent…


Digital transformation -> Start. Stop. Continue.

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for some years now - but like many "hot topics", saw little traction until the heat became a "burning platform". That burning platform was Covid19.When the Pandemic hit and lockdowns began, almost all businesses had…


Social Strategy and the Future of Your Business

We always say that to look one year into the future you need to look two years into the past. But if we do this now, our rear view vision would take us past all the warning signs of Covid19 and gloss over the harsh lessons of the pandemic.What does this tell …


Strategy and the Future of Disruption

We may think that disruption is no longer the threat that it was pre-COVID. We can look at the digital transformations that have been thrust upon us - from remote working and collaboration to new technology, improved cyber awareness, openness to change and th…


The Three Cs of Employee Engagement

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way that people engage with one another in the workplace.  As many organisations start to return to the office and mixed work environments, it is important to think about what employee engagement will look like in 2021…


It's Time to Innovate

In 2016 Joe Biden said Australia could become the innovation hub of the southern hemisphere. As the newest President of the United States, he is focusing on investing in innovation ‘to draw on the full talents and invest in the potential of all our communitie…


Disruptors Co - Updates to Disruptors Academy

Over the New Year we have been making some changes to our Disruptors Academy, to ensure that our short courses and handbooks are ready for you to make the most out of 2021.As part of that, we have updated our site location - you can now find our Disruptors Ac…


Join us for the Spalla AI Summer Camp 2021

Last week we launched Disruptors Digital Solutions, to bring to life the digital development of 'strategy and implementation'.As part of that of that, Disruptors Co, in collaboration with Spalla AI, has launched an AI Summer Camp series, taking place at the b…


Introducing Disruptors Digital Solutions

When we started Disruptors Co the plan was to focus on innovation strategy and implementation. After 20 years running digital teams in agencies and at enterprises like SAP and IBM, it felt like a good shift.Increasingly though, "strategy and implementation" i…


Lessons from the coalface of change - change leaders speak

Is social media working for your organisation? Perhaps it’s time to take a pulse check to reassess.Last week you may have seen that we launched our short course on Social Media Foundations through our Disruptors Academy. To go along with that, we have also cr…